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NFL scouts split on Johnny Manziel's pro prospects

His status in college football is undeniable, but how do NFL scouts think Johnny Manziel will do in the pros?

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Johnny Manziel is a proven commodity when it comes to college football. However, the picture gets murkier when it comes to his NFL future. There is no longer a stigma against running quarterbacks at the pro level like there used to be, but as's Daniel Jeremiah found out, NFL personnel executives are split on how they think Manziel will do at the NFL level.

Opinion was split over whether Manziel has an NFL arm, but he did draw a lot of praise for his scrambling and improvisational skills. There was no mention of any potential off-the-field issues, which is a bit surprising considering all the attention the Heisman winner has gotten over the summer.

In this week's Sports Illustrated print edition, Manziel spoke with Andy Staples that he once had a specific combination of wins at Texas A&M and projected draft round which would trigger him turning pro, but he's not sure if he's going to stick with that.

Consensus seems to be that Manziel will head to the NFL after the 2013 season, but he will have another two seasons of eligibility after this season is done. Even though he won the Heisman last year, there are still plenty of things Manziel could do to work on his game while at A&M. Regardless of where you stand on his pro future, it will be good to get another season of tape on Manziel, and he can do a lot to quiet his critics if he goes out and replicates his 2012 season in the face of so much criticism.

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