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Tulsa Golden Hurricane now has Goldie, an adorable golden retriever 'ambassador'

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Tulsa realized it had to do more than win a conference title to get attention, so, PUPPY.

Tulsa went 11-3 and won a conference championship and a bowl game last year and still didn't get a whole bunch of media hype. That meant it needed to do one thing, and that thing is AWWWWW PUPPY:

From the Tulsa World:

You see, they're the Golden Hurricane, and the dog -- Goldie -- is a golden retriever, so, well, my point is, PUPPY.

Goldie is just the "ambassador" for Tulsa football -- they already have a mascot, "Captain Cane" -- but he still joins the ranks of Georgia's Uga and Texas A&M's Reveille as college football puppies. And yes, I'm partial to golden retrievers, but Goldie is way cuter than those other college football dogs. He is supposed to learn how to grab the tee on kickoffs, which AWWWW PLEASE LET THE PUPPY TAKE THE TEES ON KICKOFFS I DON'T EVEN CARE IF HE'S NOT VERY GOOD AT IT AWWW AWWWWWWWWWWWWW COME ON LET IT HAPPEN IT'S GONNA BE THE BEST.

Also read Spencer Hall from a few years back on college football puppies.

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