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College football teams now have candles: Help us capture the essence

Let's brainstorm some scents.


College football candles are now a thing, because it's important to MARKET your BRAND in every conceivable way. We know the scents of the teams pictured, but now it's time to create some more. We are currently accepting suggestions for other teams in the comments!

  • Pitt: The lobby of a Birmingham-area BBVA Compass
  • Ohio State: Empty Busch Light can
  • Ole Miss: Church offering plate
  • Texas A&M: Waffle House
  • LSU: Corndogs haw haw haw actually no it smells like boudin and gunpowder
  • Iowa: A freshly punted football
  • Auburn: The inside of one of those brown sacks with a dollar sign on it
  • New Mexico: Blue Sky
  • Arkansas: Pork fat and FOIA requests
  • Michigan: A fine brandy to be enjoyed whilst wearing a smoking jacket in a wood-paneled study
  • Kansas State: Bill Snyder's couch, covered in plastic

Your turn!

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