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Mississippi State linemen get loose on practice field, in bowling alley

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The Bulldogs' offensive line seems to be enjoying itself.

This is a video about Mississippi State football. In a vacuum, that is nothing to get overly excited about. But when the subject at hand features offensive linemen pulling off choreographed dance moves and bowling alley trick shots, you know you have something truly worthwhile.

This is a video made for .GIFs. As such, we have made some .GIFs.


Team-building in the workplace is always vital, even if your primary objective at the workplace is to punish other men physically until they do not feel capable of moving. This is team-building at its best. If the Bulldogs' line can block as well as they can dance, perhaps those weekly SEC matchups won't be as terrifying as they usually are.


Rarely do the worlds of college football and bowling mesh so perfectly. Everything about this is wonderful, especially the exit from the view of the camera.