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SEC in EA Sports' college football game after all? According to report, yes

The next edition of EA Sports' college football video game could feature a few more real conferences than expected.

Wednesday, there were reports that the SEC, Big Ten, and Pac-12 had opted to pull their deals with EA Sportsfollowing up on a move the NCAA had made in July. However, Kotaku reports that the SEC's announcement was made erroneously: the league had already renewed its agreement with EA Sports, and therefore will reportedly stand by its commitment to appear in the game. The Big Ten and Pac-12 remain out, according to Kotaku, and the SEC may still choose to leave its name and associated trademarks pulled from future editions of the game.

Much like the NCAA's move, the decision by a conference to pull its licensing from the game wouldn't actually change the teams in the game -- their licensing is handled by the Collegiate Licensing Company, with schools individually choosing whether to approve their license for usage in the game.

Kotaku also reports that one FBS school has decided to pull its licensing from the next edition of the game, although it's still unknown which school that is. Two additional FCS schools have reportedly decided to pull their logos, which appear in a web add-on allowing players to build a create-a-school.

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