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Dyron Dye kicked off Miami football team

The now-former Hurricane was the last player still on the roster connected to the Nevin Shaprio NCAA investigation from 2011.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Fifth-year senior tight end Dyron Dye has been kicked off the Miami football team, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Dye was the last member of the Hurricanes roster to be connected to the NCAA investigation into the program, which is slowly -- very slowly -- coming to a close.

The odd thing about the entire process (well, besides everything involved with this investigation), is that Dye had not yet been ruled ineligible by the NCAA. Dye's issues with the NCAA are over some inconsistent interview answers he gave to investigators regarding former Miami assistant Aubrey Hill. Dye was interviewed three times just this year, and he claims that his testimony was coerced by NCAA investigators.

Considering all that's gone wrong with this investigation, it's certainly plausible. He pursued charges against the investigator, Rich Johanningmeier,saying that he threatened his eligibility if he wouldn't tell him what he wanted to hear, but the state's attorney decided against pressing felony charges. Johanningmeier is now retired.

Dye caught four passes for 48 yards in 2012.

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