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Video of alleged Vanderbilt rape reportedly shared via text

A friend of one of the former Vanderbilt football players reportedly received the video in a text message.

Joe Robbins

Three men have been charged with tampering with evidence in the rape case involving four former Vanderbilt football players. One of the pieces of evidence is a video of the alleged incident, according to a report from WSVM TV in Nashville.

Attorney Brett Greenfield, who is representing Joseph Quinzio, one of the men charged with tampering, told WSVM that his client received the video in a text message. Greenfield says Quinzio hasn't done anything wrong, and that when he saw the video, he was frightened and went to police:

"Doing the right thing was what prompted him to go to the sheriff. Knowing that there was an investigationthat the investigation needed facts that he knew," Greenfield said.

"He (Greenfield) was simply sent a text message, unwanted, unsolicited, out of the blue, put ina terrible situation by someone who he thought was a friend."

Quinzio and Miles Finley, who both live in Riverside County, Calif., are friends with Branden Vanderburg, one of the four ex-Vanderbilt players involved in the alleged incident. The two men, along with suspended Vanderbilt wide receiver Chris Boyd allegedly were involved in the attempted cover-up.

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