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Every new college football uniform for 2013: The master collection

A lot of FBS teams are doing a lot of things to their uniforms this season. We think we found all of those things, and now we'd like your opinions on them. Also, let us know if we missed any.

There are 125 (and counting) teams in major college football. Each one of them needs to convince high schoolers their school is the right one. High schoolers really, really, really like new uniforms. Thus, there are something like hundreds of uniform changes in FBS alone this year.

We've highlighted some of the trends -- gloves with stuff on 'em, helmets that look like mirrors, and flashy/crazy uniforms you only wear once -- and rounded up every change. Some schools like Maryland, Wisconsin, and Georgia Tech have teased uniform changes but haven't shown us yet, while others will be sprung on us randomly during the middle of the year.

Unless otherwise noted, photos are from apparel companies and school athletic departments.

Honest-to-goodness, full-on, new uniforms


It's a new era under Sonny Dykes, and Cal gets new uniforms:


Very simple, very clean, very pretty. The yellow is a lot more eye-friendly than in years past. Also, if you look closely, the numbers feature a watermark of a bear, which is AHHHHH THE PLAYERS HAVE BEARS INSIDE OF THEM.


Baylor does everything bigger in the post-RG3 era: they got a new stadium comin, and they got these slick new uniforms:


They look ... they look kind of exactly like Oregon's, don't they? Note the four helmets. There are cool combinations to come from Art Briles' squad. Look at some of them:

Maybe my favorite new look.

West Virginia

For most of their recent football history, the 'Eers have sported just navy blue helmets. But now they have three shells, one to match each of their three jersey colors and three pants.


The numbers are supposed to look like pick axes, although I don't really see it.

Here's what the solid gold looks like:


I've never been a huge fan of WV's color scheme, but the 27 combinations available give them some cool variations. They no longer have a gray option, which is an improvement. There are also two awesome hidden features: the back collars feature the phrase "Montani Semper Liberi" (Mountaineers are always free) and the inside collar has a picture of a canary, because RIP canaries in West Virginia mine shafts.


The presumptive AAC champions unveiled a cool home uniform for their only year in the newly named league:

The notable things: baller sleeves, random Northwestern striping on the arms, the American logo -- one year only! -- and a number font that mimics the one the national championship basketball team wore.

The black pants are a new look -- last year's team wore red and white pants -- and they contrast well with the tops. I think all in all, the sleeves are the best part.

Texas Tech

Pew-pew! The Red Raiders' new uniforms aren't particularly red, but they are very raider.


You see those stripes, starting under the shoulder, changing color, and turning up around the collarbone? Those are the Guns Up stripes, meant to mimic the FINGERGUNS hand gesture popular among those in Lubbock.

The phrase is also on the sleeves and the thigh:


And the back of the helmet



Texas Tech generally has some type of red uniform in the mix, but that isn't the case this year, which is a shame, as I think those were probably their best jerseys. Regardless: fingerguns.

North Carolina

UNC is putting the "tar" in "Tar Heel" by replacing strips of white in their old jerseys with black.


The question is: why? Carolina blue and white was one of the most classic color combos, and now we have powder blue and tar. Not crazy about the fonts, either.

I do like the new dark helmets:


That one's nice, but I wish they'd left well enough alone with their signature powder blue helmet instead of going for the full blackout. I suppose they had to do it, to match the unis.


UConn has new uniforms to match a new logo, and all told, they're its an appealing colo--AHHHHHHHHHHH HUSKY EYES



The jerseys are actually okay:

The red outline on the numbers and striping on the pants both make for red-white-blue, which I like, because I'm American. UConn's old jerseys were an exceptionally bland dull blue and had CONNECTICUT arching across the middle of the jersey, which wasn't good for everybody.


We obviously cannot fathom to discuss what uniforms Oregon will actually wear this year. Surely, every week, they will come out in some new, increasingly outrageous set. They will surprise us, they will shock us, and then after a few minutes, we'll be like "yeah, I guess it's sorta cool," and then 400,000 commits will sign up to go there.

We *think* these are new, but there's an eight percent chance they've been worn at some point over the last decade:

So bright. They've never worn anything with these shiny green strips at the top:

Perhaps our best hint is this Oregon uniform color guide.


The Cougars got a full new set, and I like them:

They're significantly more distinctive than the solid red and solid white joints they've worn, and not without being too over the top. Well done.


Buffalo is trying to rebrand itself around the fact that it is, in fact, SUNY-Buffalo, to connect with the state of New York more. This is reflected on Buffalo's new jerseys:


Oh my goodness this is bad. Let's ignore the school's rebranding, which is a business decision. Let's focus on the jersey.

For starters, last year they wore a relatively inoffensive classic look, and this one is randomly streamlined and modernized and undoubtedly uglier across the board.

But then there's the name. Their first mistake: too bulky. It looks silly. The second problem is that the name plate is so clearly separated from the rest of the jersey it draws attention to the unwieldiness. Normally the name on the front of a jersey looks seamless. But here we have this gawky splotch in the middle of the jersey with 14 words on it.

Here's the slightly less offensive blue ones:

Florida Atlantic

FAU is now in the C-USA, because letters. Now FAU has new uniforms, and LOOK OUT THE OWLS ARE COMING:


The one place on the jersey where there is not an owl is the other side of the helmet, where there is, of course, a uniform number. (This is almost as ubiquitous as ShinyHelmets. Everybody wants to be Bama, I guess.)

These jerseys are gimmicky, so much so that it takes away from the actual alright-for-what-it-is jersey, but it's a fun gimmick, a gimmick that will swoop down on you at night, small rodents of the college football world.

Southern Miss

You go 0-12, you get new jerseys.Usmunis_medium

HUUUUUUGE numbers. They're a tad less monochrome from the side:Usm-2013_medium

But generally a subdued look. Better than the bolder look that went winless, I s'pose.

While those are just so-so, these new alternate helmets are CHOICE:1372268154asouthernmiss_medium

Western Kentucky

Bobby Petrino is in charge, and Bobby Petrino likes to do interesting things, so Bobby Petrino gets new jerseys:


The old jerseys had Ole Miss-like shoulder stripes and solid numbers. These have piping and ALTERNATIVE font for the uniforms. I prefer the old ones.

Miami (Ohio)

Easily the craziest jersey of 2013:




So, the problem here is that there are MIAMI's where MIAMI's shouldn't be, like on top of the shoulders and on the back of the helmets. And the helmet is from drugs of some sort.

But the jersey itself is otherwise crisp and clean. I hate to be this guy, but I like these.


The Wolf Pack added a gray jersey, because wolves.


I'm not a huge fan -- quite frankly, it's the ugliest of their three jerseys. It's not a dynamic gray.

The new white helmets, though, are nice and go with both the whites and blues:



These uniforms LOOK like a sleek new update at first:New-memphis-tigers-uniforms_medium

And then you look closer and see that there's faint tiger print on the sleeves. We get that you are the Tigers. That does not mean you have to be jersey manifestation of tigers. The two new helmets are slick, and the font is cool, although the blue-and-silver does make me realize the Memphis Tigers are the Detroit Lions.

Georgia State

The FBS newbies have a new set for their first year on the big stage:New-georgia-state-football-uniforms_medium

Not very exciting. The program's brand focuses on blue, which is a brand for sure, but not much of one from a uni perspective. The blue helmets are good-looking, and you can see the potential for a blue-on-blue-on-blue look.

BTW, don't show off your FancyGloves if they are not, in fact, FancyGloves, middle guy.

South Alabama

Last year's USA -- U-S-A! U-S-A! -- jerseys may very well have been borrowed high school duds, generic reds with a big JAGUARS pasted down the middle. This year's set moves toward distinctive:South-alabama-jaguars-new-football-uniforms-17_medium

It won't crack the top half of my jersey list, because it's just solid red, but the sleeves and font at least look like they belong in the FBS. The helmets are probably the best part, though:


The Jags word mark looks like something a school trying to establish an identity would have. They also have uniform numbers on the back with the thick stripe on the front tapering off.

Appalachian State

As noted, they're moving on up, and presumably will keep these jerseys as they head to the FBS. They're a lot more distinctive than the cookie-cutter hey-you're-an-FCS-school-wear-this look they had when they topped Michigan.

There are three looks here. A black home jersey: Glpgurjbiwhpalx

A flip-the-colors road white set:


They're both fine, but maybe fewer A's next time?


Feelin' like The Scarlet Letter 2: Appalachian Boogaloo up in here.

But most importantly, these gray alternates:


As you can see, they're not as monochrome, with black shoulders offsetting the gray base, and they have the awesome logo of the school's Mountaineer on the helmet. The Mountaineer is also on the shoulders where normally there's a 432nd "A."


And instead of nameplates, these have an inspirational and frightening message on the back:


Between the BOOM gloves and ALWAYS ATTACK jerseys, the 'Eers 2.0 have some FBS-ready motivational jersey stuff.


The look is generally the same on Arizona's new uniforms, with two very noteworthy changes. First is the tweaked copper helmet.


Don't see a whole ton of copper, but it's very Arizona. Go Fightin Pennies! Note the extremely cool state flag usage on the nose bumper.

The more disturbing one is the numbers:Az_medium

It grades up from blue to red on the blue jersey and vice versa on the reds and whites. Go '80s Astros! I've actually always liked those old 'Stros jerseys against what most people say, because they're iconic and so '80s. But if you're gonna go garish, go garish, instead of blending from a dark blue to a dark red.

Oregon State

There was a total uniform revamp for Mike Riley's Beavers:

Happy Halloween! They're very orange, very black, and have the BEAVERSHARK logo on the V-Neck. Black and orange are inherently ugly together, but they somehow made these cool. That orange-on-orange-on-orange uniform is gonna burn some pupils.

The helmets are worth second looks:Beavhelmets_medium

So that's a) uniform number b) darkness c) BEAVERSHARK.

Just new helmet(s)


The Jayhawks have five new helmets. Five!Screen-shot-2013-07-01-at-5

Each one has a uniform of choice:

So let's get this out of the way: they look really good. The black-on-black, red-on-blue, and the powder blues -- ohh, especially the powder blues -- are really solid looks.

But yes, let's all say it together: this is more helmets than they had wins last year.


Five new helmets for the Hoosiers, which caused one player to have a seizure. In no particular order:

From left to right: CHROME CANDY ZEBRA, TV numbers, thick stripe (it starts out very thick in the front but comes to a point), a throwback-ish block I (not sure if it's an actual throwback, but classic-looking), star-spangled state flag, and the regular helmet.

Here's a closer look at the state flag one, which is just cool:Screen_shot_2013-06-03_at_2

I think the state flag, TV numbers, and throwback I are awesome, the big ol' stripe is cool too but a step down, the regular helmets just remind me of Indiana football, which isn't optimal, and the chrome candy zebra is AHHHHH WHY MY EYES.


You go 2-10, you gotta shake things up. So new helmets for Illinois!


In my opinion, worlds better than the old helmet that featured an entire ILLINOIS word mark. Cleaner, and the blue and orange with a white outline is a better look than the creamsicley orange-and-white.


The Wildcats introduced white helmets for the first time since 1980, when they weren't very good at football, for the team's season opener against Cal:


The look goes with white pants, because the game is before Labor Day. The purple N is Northwestern's logo, but it hadn't been featured on a helmet like this ever, as the normal purple shells feature a white N. It matches the shoulder TV number nicely.


The Badgers have a new alternate helmet:


It's red-on-white instead of white-on-red, you see. Good look, and more combinations are always fun.

Boise State

Not much different about the helmets on one side:

But the players' uniform number is on the other, which is new and completely not unique.

Wake Forest

The Demon Deacons revealed a pair of alternate helmets:


Very cool. The matte black-on-black is awesome compared to their regular gold-on-black, and the white one is okay too.

Fresno State

In addition to the ugly black uniforms, the Bulldogs also have this completely beautiful throwback helmet:9368054616_11f8d240ac_o_medium

Excellent headgear, other other Dawgs.


Their actual jerseys are pretty much the same as always, although they now have sleeve numbering:


But the key is on the other siede of those helmets:


That fleur-de-lis is so much cooler than the Ragin' Cajuns word mark. And the Ragin' Cajuns word mark is pretty cool.

Western Michigan

P.J. Fleck's new motto with the team is "Row the Boat," and, yes, they now have themed helmets:


ROW. Note the little oars. There's a Boise State-esque death bronco on one side of the helmet, and uni numbers on the other side.

The actual unis are somewhat dull:Wmuniforms7_medium

New Mexico State


Instead of the boring helmets they've worn that just say NM STATE like big doofuses, they now have a helmet loaded with ballistics. We've got a Pistol Pete on each side, so that's two guns, and at least four sets of crossed guns on the helmet stripe.

Each NMSU player is packing at least 10 guns. You still want to play them? (Answer: No, unless you are BC for some reason.

Louisiana Tech

Next to nothing here. The "T" on the helmet was white, now it is red:Louisianatech_medium

I like the old one better, because as noted, I am from America.

Middle Tennessee State

These helmets are white:

They had previously had silver and black lids. Odd that the one they're introducing this year is the least revolutionary one.

Old Dominion




These also have uni numbers on the sides like every new helmet and have this message on the nose bumper:


"Aim High" in the lettering from the A-Team and a gigantic lion featuring a state outline? Strong effort, Monarchs, and welcome to the big time.

Trend No. 1: One-off uniforms

In college football, if you wear the same home and away uniforms for every game, somebody thinks you're boring. No matter how many colorways you have, nothing beats the novelty of busting out a uniform for just one game.

Notre Dame

After last year's one-off jerseys were the stuff of nightmares, Adidas toned it down this year.


These Shamrock Series jerseys are for the Arizona State game, and they look ... well, they actually look quite classy. The green and gold are quite pretty, and there's no gimmicky uniform elements, just tradition-fitting shamrocks on the shoulders and helmets:


The gold-on-gold helmet is yes. If you look closely, the majority of the helmet is mottled, while the shamrock is shiny, and the kelly green on the face mask and outline matches the gloves and sleeves and socks. It looks like a modernized Notre Dame jersey.

(I must ask, though: is No. 5 the catfishee or the one who isn't enrolled in school this year?)

Iowa State

They have throwbacks for the Iowa game, and -- oh, man:


It's tough to make a 2013 football jersey look like a 1923 football jersey, on account of all the padding and modern technology in these uniforms that didn't exist in the sweaters they wore 80 years ago, but the execution here is flawless.

Here are the uniforms and the originals side-by-side:


Of course, they now have to wear uniform numbers and helmets -- which have numbers on the sides -- but, just, gorgeous.


TCU has some BLOODFROG-themed uniforms for the season-opener against LSU:


At first this seems like a typical blackout uniform with some ugly, trendy elements. A random word mark on the back of the helmet, a random line through the uniform number. But things get really awesomebad when we zoom in on the headgear:


It's red because horned frogs shoot blood out of their eyes. BLOODEYES is clearly the best part of what's an uninspiring, "hey we're wearing black alternates" look. You can also see elements of the red on the socks and cleats. Am I alone in wishing there was more red?

Also note the hideous tiger striping on the helmet and shoulders. Wait, aren't they playing the tigers? Am I missing something about the coloration of frogs' skin?


The Vols introduced Smokey jerseys, named after the school's mascot pup:


It's still not clear when the Vols will wear them, just that they will, at some point, wear their first dark-colored uniform since Lane Kiffin was coach. The sleeves have the Tennessee end zone checkerboard, which is a subtle and unique touch.


Thanks to these alternate uniforms,the Blackshirts will actually wear black shirts in their Week 3 matchup against UCLA.

I think this goes about as well as a blackout jersey can go. Definitely better than last year's horrible N vs. W experiment. What I like is that the red stripes on the pants and down the center of the helmet are also now black, so there's consistency across the look. I wish they'd just used regular uniform numbers though, instead of ripping a line down the middle of each digit.

Mississippi State

Last year, the Bulldogs had special uniforms for the Egg Bowl at Oxford. This year, the game shifts to Starkville, so they need new new uniforms for the Egg Bowl.


The main difference is the gold on the uniform numbers, which also shows up on the helmets:


They all say "BULLDOGS" on the back instead of names, so look for players named Bulldogs to have some big plays in that game. (Last year, they all said "Hail State." But that didn't work out.)

Maroon and gold is definitely prettier than maroon and white. These could be their all-the-time jerseys, and I would not complain.


For the game against Utah -- HOLY WAAAARRRRR -- we get these sweet, new royal blue uniforms:


It's a throwback to the Ty Detmer era, and it's much, much, much prettier than the normal jersey. Why not wear these all the time?

On the other hand, it's a good thing this look is just for homecoming:


The Cougars were originally going to wear unis with "SPIRIT," HONOR," and "TRADITION" on them for all of their games, but after resoundingly negative reaction from both fans and players, decided to chop it down to just homecoming. It's one thing to make your buzzwords nameplates, but at least make them cool buzzwords, yanno?

Fresno State

The Bulldogs have a new all-black set:

The extreme lack of excitement of the guy aside (and the jerseys are not too exciting, just a black version of their regular jersey) but that helmet! The bulldog is way more sinister than normal, less Uga and more OH GAHHHHH. And sinister is a good thing. And of course, uni numbers on the sides.

North Texas

For the school's hundredth year of football, the Mean Green will wear a throwback for the season opener against Idaho. But not in the way you're used to with throwbacks:Northtexas_medium

Instead of picking one year to throw back to, the white helmet is from the '50s, the logo on the helmet is from the '70s and 80s, and the jersey is from the '60s. Cool idea, even if it leads to a sorta weird hodgepodge and whatever it is that neon thing is supposed to be on the helmet.

Trend No. 2: FancyGloves

For some reason, the space on the palm of players' gloves has become the hottest place to market your brand. I'm sure there is an actual term for this, but I will call them FancyGloves.

There's a certain Easter Egg factor to FancyGloves. Typically, to reveal the message written on the palms, the players have to hold their hands out, fingers spread, so that the images on each glove combine to form one. And since every team has gloves -- you need them to catch balls and stuff -- apparel makers are rushing to put school-specific messages on each pair to show they really care.

(I don't believe this is all the FancyGloves, just the ones that have been introduced since January.)

Notre Dame

A green-and-gold interlocking ND.


It seems like these are just for the school's Shamrock Series game against Arizona State.


Continuing the BLOODEYES theme:


Again, it's not clear if these are just for the season opener against LSU or if they're full-time. If they are full-time, they don't really match the team's regular colors, but they're still murderawesome.

South Carolina

Part of the Gamecocks' new look:


The words come from the school's alma mater, and are in DIRECT opposition to something I heard Tim Riggins say.

Oregon State

The Beavers unveiled a completely new look, and part of that is FancyGloves featuring the school's BeaverSharknado logo.


On the inside, they say "Hip Hip Hooray!" which, well, I won't bother to try and explain.

Mississippi State

For the Egg Bowl, special one-off FancyGloves:


Unlike your average FancyGloves, these don't have to be put together to make a message, as they each have neat-o maps of Mississippi.


The Wildcats' FancyGloves read "W.I.N.," which apparently stands for "What's Important Now."


Honestly, what do these say?

"Bull Screw?"


The Owls' rebranding basically meant hey let's put owls everywhere, which extended to their FancyGloves:


Appalachian State

The Mountaineers are moving up to the FBS in 2014, so they kinda count, and they are waving goodbye to the FCS with FancyGloves:



Trend No. 3: ShinyHelmets

Helmets are always cool-looking, but they're even cooler-looking if you can see your reflection in them. So everybody went out and made chrome models this year. This is especially great because about half the time you can see the person taking the picture.


Well, obviously, right?

There are surely tons of changes, but seemingly the only confirmed one from Oregon is this helmet:

Yes, that's right. One is chrome with a neon yellow wing, the other is neon yellow with a chrome wing. It's hideous, but it's so Oregon. Never, ever stop, Oregon. (They won't.)

Ole Miss

In addition to extremely boring jerseys (which are included below), ShinyHelmets:





One of Indiana's five new helmets.

South Carolina

The Ol' Ball Coach's squad has new ball helmets:



Baylor has four new helmets, one of which is this golden Shiny Helmet:



Golden Hurricanes? Golden Helmets.


I approve. A lot of teams do gold, but now we're starting to see ShinyGold. It is not as cool as their Liberty Bell helmets from last year's Liberty Bowl, and not even in the same wave length of adorableness as their new golden retriever. (They've also opted to emphasize the Hurricane part of their name, so the Golden part is a big improvement.)


The Huskies are also joining the Golden ShinyDomers, Steve Sarkisian said, though this image from Twitter hasn't been confirmed:



Man, even Memphis is doing these?

Western Kentucky

The Hilltoppers are topped by black chrome:


A few other teams teased chrome helmets or released pictures of prototypes, but these are the ones who will actually take the field in them, as far as we know.

You wouldn't notice if I didn't tell you


The Longhorns added a Bevo to the front of their jersey:


You might also note that the uniform numbers are, well Texas-sized. I approve of the increased Texas.

For the team's opener, the helmets will feature uniform numbers to honor the 1965 team:


The players will choose whether or not to keep the uniform numbers for the rest of the season, presumably while the school's equipment staffers pray they don't have to remove 400 damn numbers from helmets.

They also now have 3D nose bumpers -- 21st century! -- and swapped the swoosh and the school logo on their pants, if you must know.


The Vols also slightly altered their normal jerseys. Their home jersey now has a Power T on the front below the Adidas logo:


A map of Tennessee was added to the back of the home jersey, and a Tennessee word mark was added in the same place as the Power T to the front of the road uni.

Kent State

Dri Archer's squad has a new identity under first-time head coach Paul Haynes, but they're not really going with a new identity with the unis. The Golden Flashes' new duds only have very slight tweaks, resulting in the team being less golden and less flashy.

They're literally less flashy. Like, they took the word "flashes" off.

Colorado State

The Rams opted to switch from Russell Athletic to Under Armour, and... well... there isn't much to see.Csuunis2_medium

Very not crazy, basically just two tops and two bottoms, with the main difference between these unis and their old ones being pants striping that you can't even see in the video the team released.

This doesn't seem very Under Armour-y, but we did get a hint that the team will be wearing pumpkin orange and alfalfa green uniforms for its Ag Day game against UTEP, which should be a little bit more in line with what we expect. They should also be hideous.

Ohio State

A few minor changes for the Buckeyes, detailed here by LGHL. There's a smaller stripe on the pants leg:


And the back of the jersey has new number/name font, but most importantly, a little wreath of Buckeye leaves on the collar, one for each national championship.



Figure it out yourself: The one on the right is the new jersey, the one on the left is the old one.


(Slightly larger numbers, slightly smaller outlines.) There's also a possibility they will wear orange jerseys this year.


Some more superficial stuff here for one of MACtion's MACtion-est teams, as they try to look slighly less like West Virginia:


The "Toledo" used to be bigger, and everything used to have a golden outline. They will still have cool helmets with a picture of a rocket on them because peeew pew pew rockets.


Now in the American or whatever, some minor tweaks:

As you can see, the uniform numbers are now silver. But more importantly:

Some weird camo stuff and ... well, I'm not exactly clear on what Bearcats are, but are those Bearcat eyes? I think RANDOM DISEMBODIED EYES works better than a pawprint, though.

NC State

The differences are hard to tell, but they're improvements:


The old jerseys had the "NC" wedged into the "S" of a big "STATE," mimicking the regular logo, but it looks kinda dumb when it isn't the logo. There are also now black stripes on the helmets and stripes on the pants:


The back of the uniform and FancyGloves both say "1 Pack 1 Goal"

South Carolina

Not a lot to see here. They basically moved a white-and-black stripe from the collar to the shoulder. And they put cocks on their butts.


Penn State

There's something different about Penn State's new jerseys. Can you tell what it is?

That's right! It's the little Nittany Lion logo on the v-neck. The Nits will keep their names on the backs of their jerseys, as they did for the first time in program history last season.


Very slight difference, but the uniform numbers are now solid white rather than gray. Comparison via Uni Watch:Ak_medium

Ole Miss

The Rebels have new uniforms:


What, I'm supposed to be excited? Even Bo Wallace isn't excited.

They're basically the same as ever, just with the word "Rebels" on the pants and the shoulder stripes extended further.



The Bruins have a new road jersey:

Nice of Coach Mora to explain the differences for me. As Bruins Nation pointed out, Mora is actually very involved in making sure the jerseys come out right and have the customary UCLA stripe extended.

They're moving in the same direction on the powder blues:


The Dawgs have some slight uniform tweaks due to an athletic department rebranding: 8613278715_141b7eaf94_medium

To wit, a thick black collar and a different uniform font. Would not have noticed if I hadn't been told, and am not particularly excited about it now that I have been.


The Tigers used to have "War Eagle" printed on their butts. Now their butts are War Eagle free:


Technically not new, but after making a slight tweak to their jersey for the first time in over a decade for the Chick-fil-A Bowl, LSU announced the new look would be full-time. The shoulder stripes had previously cut off very high, and now they extend to nearly below the arm.


Funroe likes to keep it crazy, so they changed like 2.1 things on their jersey. Bilde_medium

New word marks, no striping on the sides of the uniform, and some random black lines down the middle of the road jersey. Tame.

San Diego State

New uniforms for the Aztecs after a 9-4 season: San-diego-state-new-uniforms_medium

The noteworthy thing is the UCLA stripes on the shoulders -- a little bit too much SoCal intermingling for my taste, but whatever. I think it's an okay look, an improvement from the bare striping they had last year. The word mark on the black jerseys read "AZTECS" last year, and the numbers are now solid instead of an italics-ish font with a red outline. The improvements are good, but it's still a kinda ugly jersey.

They also have new helmets!


I'll be honest, I genuinely can't tell what's new about UCF's new uniforms. Ucf1_medium

The differences seem to surround the shoulder striping, but regardless, they look very much like they always have, which is in turn sort of like Georgia Tech always has. We saw prototypes for cool new helmets, but have not seen the actual helmets yet.

Your turn!

Tell us what you think. Thumbs ups? Thumbs downs?

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