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Texas A&M's new Vegas numbers, now that Johnny Manziel is cleared

Vegas seems to think this Manziel kid is pretty good.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

With reports coming in suggesting Johnny Manziel's NCAA investigation is over, Bovada has updated its betting lines for the Aggies. A&M has now surpassed LSU as the leading contender for Alabama in the west, and is tied with Georgia for second in the general conference odds. It should be a tight race at the top of the SEC, with six teams owning legitimate shots at the title.

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2013 Regular Season - Total Wins - Texas A&M Aggies   

Over                           9½       (EVEN)

Under                          9½       (-130)

Odds to win the 2013-2014 Southeastern Conference       

Alabama                               1/1

Georgia                            7/2

Texas A&M                   7/2

South Carolina                   11/2

Florida                             10/1

LSU                              12/1

Ole Miss                       25/1

Tennessee                      50/1

Vanderbilt                     50/1

Missouri                       66/1

Arkansas                              75/1

Auburn                          75/1

Mississippi State           75/1

Kentucky                              100/1

Odds to win the 2013-2014 Southeastern Conference - West Division        

Alabama                               1/2

Texas A&M                   3/1

LSU                              11/2

Ole Miss                       10/1

Arkansas                              33/1

Auburn                          33/1

Mississippi State           33/1

Alabama remains strong favorites, but it appears Vegas has a high opinion of this Manziel kid. Seems like they think he could go places.

Back in July, Texas A&M had 15/4 odds to win the division and 15/2 odds to win the conference. With rumors of a suspension for Manziel running wild, Braxton Miller took a significant lead in the Heisman betting race -- one that will likely be mitigated shortly. Previously, Bovada has given us an estimate on how a significant Manziel suspension would alter the national title race (hint: a lot).