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GIF: Jadeveon Clowney taken down by UNC shot to back of knee

South Carolina's star defensive end had a generally underwhelming season-opener, but he was still unnecessarily taken out on a late hit by a UNC defender.

Streeter Lecka

Believe it or not, Jadeveon Clowney wasn't thoroughly dominant in South Carolina's season-opener vs. UNC. The Gamecocks' star defensive end had zero sacks and essentially no impact on the stat sheet, though he remained in the headlines after being unnecessarily taken down by Tar Heels offensive tackle Kiaro Holts in the second half.


The hit clearly came after the ball was thrown, and while it's possible Holts slipped a little, he appeared to push his body toward Clowney as he fell toward the ground. Clowney remained in the game, despite the scare.

South Carolina faced little trouble from UNC, posting 17 unanswered points in the first quarter and bringing a 27-10 lead late into the fourth quater.

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