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Vanderbilt's Jordan Matthews vomits on the field, then makes this clutch catch

The Commodores' best player cannot be stopped. Be warned: this is gross. Heroic, but gross.

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Frederick Breedon

In Thursday night's SEC opener, star Vanderbilt Commodores wide receiver Jordan Matthews, who finished with 178 yards on the night, was belted by Ole Miss' Cody Prewitt while coming over the middle in the fourth quarter.


The senior All-SEC receiver hopped to his feet. Then he doubled over. He gestured to the sideline and to his stomach, and then he crumpled to his knees before vomiting. He then lined up as Vandy ran a running play up the middle.

You don't have to look at the vomit.

It's a lot of vomit.

I'm typing this to tell you that no one is forcing you to look at it.

Maybe someone is.

Maybe it's your boss who's forcing you to look at it.

Maybe you have a really strange boss.

You should contact a government agency about your boss.

Call the agents.

They can stop him.

Put away your breakfast.

Here it is, weirdo:


Matthews left the field for one play, then returned, startling onlookers who assumed he'd had a concussion. But, other than the vomit (and there was a ton of it, as you've seen), he didn't appear to be showing signs of a head injury. I'm not a doctor, but he looked alert.

After the game, he explained what happened:

"Early on in the third quarter I started experiencing cramps," Matthews said. "First in my legs, then it got up to my back and my arms so it was close to a full-body cramp."

After receiving an IV in the locker room, the senior returned to the field with 5:50 remaining in the third quarter.

"I got hit making a catch on a great throw by Austyn (Carta-Samuels)," Matthews said. "I had a lot of fluids in my stomach from rehydrating and everything, so I probably regurgitated a lot of that and threw up a little bit. But I was able to stay in the game."

Upon returning, the slightly lighter Matthews immediately did the following on fourth and 18, setting up a touchdown that briefly put the Dores ahead with just over a minute to go:


After an Ole Miss counter, Vanderbilt's last chance at a win was a pass that bounced off his fingers. Matthews, the biggest reason Vandy came so close, went to the sideline to cry on his coach's shoulder as the clock died.

Whether you watch college football or not (you should watch college football), you'll be hearing more about Jordan Matthews. For better things than throwing up.

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