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A&M's Deshazor Everett, Daeshon Hall ejected for hit and punch, respectively

A pair of Aggies were tossed on Saturday, though one may have been due to the targeting rule being wrongly applied.

Scott Halleran

The 2013 football season wasn't even able to get through its first weekend before the first questionable "targeting" ejection of the year. Texas A&M defensive back Deshazor Everett was tossed for the hit shown below, though it looks an awful lot like he led with his shoulder.


The announcers tried to connect the targeting hit with Johnny Manziel because his selfish me-first-ism is clearly infecting his teammates, apparently. It actually might be, too, since a second Aggie -- defensive end Daeshon Hall -- was tossed just a few plays earlier for throwing a punch at a Rice player.


He's wearing a helmet, dummy! Don't punch him there.

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