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Johnny Manziel not paid for autographs, says second broker

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Johnny Manziel is reportedly under NCAA investigation for an autograph session in Miami the week of the BCS title game; Manziel allegedly received a "five-figure flat fee" for signing photos and memorabilia, though nothing of the sort has been proven.

On Monday, ESPN's Joe Schad reported that a "prominent autograph broker" from the South sent him a photo of Manziel autographing some stuff the night before Texas A&M's road game at Alabama. The broker -- who is not connected to the alleged session in Miami -- claims he was told by Manziel's personal assistant that he'd have to pay for an autograph session, though he says that he did not compensate Manziel. Here's the photo:

And that is indeed Johnny Manziel signing things, but as for the circumstances surrounding it, there's absolutely no telling. The authenticity of the broker's story already has been brought into question by former A&M player Brandon Leone, who believes that photo was taken in a College Station Hilton Hotel. Obviously, if it were taken in College Station, it could not have been the night before the Alabama game.

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