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LSU's Jeremy Hill given probation, with football exception

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The law won't keep Jeremy Hill off the field after a bar fight, as his probation won't interfere with his football career. Now it's up to Les Miles to decide if he'll reinstate the sophomore running back.

Matthew Stockman

Jeremy Hill is legally allowed to play football, meaning it's now up to Les Miles to decide whether or not the running back who led his team in rushing in 2012 will be on the squad in 2013.

Hill had already pleaded guilty for his role in an April bar fight -- it was kind of hard for him to argue his case otherwise, considering there was video evidence of him punching somebody -- and had avoided jail time. But Hill was given probation and a curfew, restrictions that may have conflicted with his ability to practice and play football for the Tigers.

In a meeting with Judge Bonnie Jackson Monday, those punishments were upheld -- she added two years of probation and 40 hours of community service to stipulations already in place, including a social media ban and anger management classes -- but with an exemption for football activities. WBRZ reporter Mike Shingleton reports that the judge commented that she didn't care about Hill's career, and even made a comparison to Aaron Hernandez.

Throughout the process, Miles has said he would allow the wheels of justice to spin and that he'd determine Hill's fate with the squad afterwards. Well, they've spun, and Hill is allowed to play football, if Miles will have him. Hill is currently suspended from the team, but Miles can reinstate him.

Hill had 755 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns as a freshman for the Tigers, leading the team in both categories. His return is pivotal to the team's ability to compete in the loaded SEC West: LSU was 92nd in passing offense last year, so the run is its best hope of moving the ball offensively. But the team lost running backs Spencer Ware and Michael Ford to the NFL Draft, meaning the depth behind Hill wasn't particularly stout.

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