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Another autograph broker claims he paid Johnny Manziel for signatures

Yet another autograph broker has come forward to ESPN, claiming he paid Johnny Manziel $7,500 and has video of the Heisman winner signing memorabilia, according to Joe Schad. This is the third autograph broker who has come forward claiming that he paid Manziel money in exchange for signatures, a matter that the NCAA is now looking into.

The broker allegedly has video of Manziel signing 300 Texas A&M helmets, but did not capture the Heisman Trophy winner taking money or breaking any NCAA rules. Manziel also reportedly declined to make any personalized autographs, claiming that they would arouse suspicion.

This is not the most compelling set of evidence ever put forward. ESPN passed on purchasing it, but still went ahead and told the world about its contents, and there still doesn't seem to be a paper trail. This one note does seem intriguing, however:

However, until that video surfaces, Manziel speaks, or someone checks the rims on his car, no one really knows for sure what happened.

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