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'Uncle' Nate Fitch accused by 'half dozen' of running Johnny Manziel business

Nate Fitch is a friend of Johnny Manziel's dating back to their high school days, and he also serves as the Heisman-winner's personal assistant. He might be the man who set up the autograph sessions for which Manziel was allegedly paid, if what sources told ESPN's Wright Thompson is accurate:

A half dozen sources and counting have said that, among other things, Fitch helped run a Manziel autograph business, setting up signings, handling logistics.

Fitch has been a central figure in Manziel's life for a while now, and as Thompson points out, there is plenty of photographic evidence of that. There's much more to their relationship in the story, which paints the picture of a family wary of Fitch's influence on their son.

Manziel is being investigated by the NCAA for possibly profiting off his signature, though no wrongdoing has been proven at this point. The initial allegation centered around an autograph session that took place in Miami the week of the BCS title game. Since that report, another broker came forward and said Manziel signed some things the night before Texas A&M's game at Alabama, but no money was involved. A third claims he paid Manziel $7,500 for signing memorabilia.

Since the news broke, Manziel and Fitch have been silent. From Thompson's piece:

Nate didn't, and hasn't, responded to text messages. He's gone underground. Everyone inside the Manziel inner circle has been told to keep quiet.

Manziel is not suspended -- he is in camp and practicing with the Aggies -- but he hasn't been made available to the media, and Texas A&M hasn't issued any formal denial of the allegations against the star quarterback. The school has at least made a statement in the sense that it hired a law firm to help handle whatever is to come of the NCAA's inquiry.

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