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NCAA to stop selling player jerseys (but how about that Paterno shirt?)

It seems like the flap surrounding the NCAA online store has caused more than just embarrassment.

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Days after receiving scorching criticism for profiting off player jersey sales thanks to Jay Bilas' vigilance, NCAA president Mark Emmert announced that the NCAA will no longer be in the business of selling jerseys. Players, of course, cannot profit off their own names, as has been reinforced by this week's Johnny Manziel scandal.

"There's no compelling reason the NCAA should essentially be re-selling paraphernalia from institutions," Emmert said. "I can't speak to why we entered into that enterprise, but it's not appropriate for us, and we're going to exit it."

The online store, which carries the NCAA name and logo all over it, is apparently an aggregator that is actually copyrighted by another entity, so the amount of money that it made on sales from the site is quite low, in all likelihood. However, where that money went isn't particularly important so long as it doesn't end up in those players' pockets (as the NCAA would have it).

Also, the schools are still free to sell as many jerseys as they want. For now.

Oh, one more funny thing you can buy in the NCAA store? A Joe Paterno 400 wins t-shirt. The NCAA stripped Paterno of 111 wins, but it's happy to allow someone, if not the NCAA, to make money off his former record.

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