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PHOTO: See the Rice marching band's Johnny Manziel autograph T-shirts

Rice's marching band strikes again with a shirt directed at Texas A&M's quarterback.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Rice's marching band, the Marching Owl Band (also known as The MOB), has a reputation for, well, stirring things up.

In 2007, when the Texas football team had some players facing legal issues, the MOB opened with the theme from Dragnet and had three members dressed as Longhorn players being chased by other members carrying cardboard police cars. In 2011, Texas was the target again, as the MOB spelled out $EC on the field days after Longhorn rivals Texas A&M announced its move to the Southeastern Conference.

This year, with the Johnny Manziel autograph scandal making its way through the headlines in the weeks before Texas A&M's opener against Rice, it was a safe bet the MOB would have something to say about it. They did not disappoint.

Likely in expectation of such a stunt, A&M reportedly did not allow the MOB to perform at halftime, so they had to pay their own way.

Rice would lose the game 52-31 to the No. 7 Aggies. They and the MOB will take on Kansas next, after a week of rest.