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Former Oklahoma State players react to SI: 'Folks gonna believe what they want'

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Reaction to the first piece from Sports Illustrated's investigative report into the Oklahoma State program from many former players paints a much different picture than the allegations made in the article.

About a half-dozen ex-players called in to a radio show on 107.7 FM in Stillwater to deny this first portion of the story, which alleges that many players were receiving payments under the table.

Former starting quarterback and MLB player Josh Fields was one of the players to call in and take issue with the report. Former offensive lineman Corey Curtis did so as well, and said he used to sit next to Brad Girtman -- one of SI's sources -- in the locker room and never saw any money being handed out. All of the players who spoke on the show had essentially the same things to say.

The radio show in question is hosted by Sam Mayes, a former OSU offensive lineman, who echoed the sentiments of the players calling in, going so far as to say he'd be willing to take a lie detector test.

Here's more reaction from former Cowboys:

Also in part one were allegations of no-show jobs provided by a local Fellowship of Christian Athletes director named John Talley. Several former players defended Talley via Twitter and said they worked hard for what they were paid.

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