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KIFFIN DON'T KNOW: Lane Kiffin doesn't know what PLAYERS ONLY means

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The players at USC either have a NO LANE KIFFINS CLUB that Lane Kiffin doesn't know about, or they don't USC is confusing.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Update 2: Marqise Lee himself no longer knows.

Update: No one knows.

We're not being metaphorical when we say that Lane Kiffin has no idea what's going on with the USC football team. He literally, genuinely often doesn't know about things that are going on with the team he's coaching, and he is so, so, so past fired.

After the team's loss to Washington State Saturday night, Marqise Lee said the team would be having a players-only meeting on Sunday. However, in his Tuesday media availability, Kiffin said no such meeting had happened. When his turn to talk came around, Lee clarified that "players only" meant "PLAYERS ONLY."

KIFFIN DON'T KNOW. If that's not the title of the book about his time at USC...

Perhaps you'd be interested in checking out our FIRE LANE KIFFIN tracker, which in a few days has featured this comically amended USC fire lane and our hot seat watch, where Kiffin has been upgraded to PICANTE.

Previously, Lee was justifiably frustrated with USC's quarterback situation.

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