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Les Miles defends his Oklahoma State record: 'Attend class and do the right things'

The former Cowboys head coach from 2001-04 defended his record in Stillwater when speaking with the media on Wednesday.

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Chris Graythen

Les Miles defended himself while speaking on the SEC media conference call on Wednesday, according to USA Today, taking offense to the Sports Illustrated report that alleges he was in charge of a rogue program during his time at Oklahoma State from 2001-04.

"And the idea that somebody would characterize the program that was run there as anything but right and correct," Miles said. "Did we work hard? You betcha. Did we make tough decisions about starting lineups? You betcha. But every guy was encouraged to get his degree, to stay the course and to fight. And I can tell you that people (former players) that were commenting on the state of the program weren't there long enough to figure it out. And that they heard me tell them, 'Attend class and do the right things,' and heard me routinely. So, I'm going to withhold a further comment. I can tell you that staff, families and friends and anybody that sat in our meeting rooms knew that this thing was done right. I will hold further comment because frankly I want to get a team ready to play against a very quality Kent State, and that's my push. I like my practice. I like my team."

Miles also denied any wrongdoing on Saturday night after LSU's 56-17 win over UAB, but at that point, it's unlikely he had read anything or knew any specifics.

In Part 1 of the SI report by George Dohrmann and Thayer Evans, Miles is accused of running a program where boosters had easy and unfettered access to players, and where players were getting paid in plain sight in the locker room. The second part of the report focused on academic improprieties, and it paints Miles as a man who fostered an atmosphere around the team in which football was more important than academics.

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