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Mack Brown responds to A&M player: 'We are the university in this state'

Texas's head coach responds to an Aggie's taunts.


The Texas-Texas A&M football rivalry no longer exists on the field, but it will live forever in the unforgiving clutches of Twitter.

After the Longhorns' crushing 40-21 defeat at the hands of BYU, Aggie defensive back Toney Hurd Jr. decided to turn the knife in the wound, utilizing the social media platform to make a bold statement:

The comment might've gotten through to the usually stoic Texas head coach, Mack Brown, as he apparently bristled when asked about the comments by the media Wednesday:

No word on whether Brown will now start a campaign to force members of the media to refer to the school as The University of Texas.

Brown has had a troubled week since the Longhorns' loss to BYU, and responding to the taunts of a player not on his schedule is a curious choice to say the least. Earlier in the week, he received the "Black Spot" of college football coaching with the Dreaded Vote of Confidence. In an attempt to avoid what is looking to be a more and more likely dismissal, Brown fired defensive coordinator Manny Diaz after Texas gave up a program-record 550 rushing yards against the Cougars.

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