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TCU vs. Texas Tech 2013 reaction: Both teams bewildered after strange game

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Fan reactions from Texas Tech's wild win in Lubbock.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Texas Tech beat No. 24 TCU Thursday night in a game that will not easily be forgotten. The Red Raiders came through with a 20-10 win in Lubbock thanks to some key plays from quarterback Baker Mayfield and Davis Webb and some questionable officiating from the game's referees.

TCU was on the receiving end of three questionable calls which ended up playing a huge role in deciding the game. A Horned Frog touchdown was called back, and two plays that looked like Texas Tech fumbles were given back to the Red Raiders. When Tech did fumble the ball, as DeAndre Williams dropped the ball before crossing the goal line, the referees blew the whistle early, giving the Red Raiders the ball in the red zone.

Things got rough for the Horned Frogs' faithful as the night went along.

Even with the questionable calls, Fungo Frog from Frogs O' War declined to blame the loss on the officiating.

The playcalling was... Consistent with the abomination that has been in place since the start of the 2012 season.

This TCU team is average, at best. Average teams struggle to win on the road in conference play, and TCU couldn't get it done tonight in Lubbock.

I don't blame the refs. Sure, they muffed at least three calls late that hurt TCU, and several more early that were questionable, but I don't blame them. If TCU had stepped on offense, the game wouldn't have been close.

UPDATE: I have to stop writing now, TCU just got another false start penalty.

Seth C of Viva the Matadors admitted the win was not pretty for Texas Tech, but has full confidence in the Red Raiders' new coach.

It's just been three games, but what a fantastic three games that Kingsbury has been a part of as the head coach. Coach Bro is so danged good it's almost scary. Like Mayfield, Kingsbury will faulter at some point, but son of a gun, what he's shown us thus far should make you think that starting out his career with just three wins isn't a mistake or luck or happenstance. Those screen calls were terrific when they were called, with a defense attacking either Mayfield or Webb and not allowing any receivers to do much at all down the field, calling a screen in those situations allowed huge gains, touchdowns and almost-touchdowns.

Kingsbury is going to be as dedicated to the cause as you'll ever see.

You can hold out your chest even more this morning knowing that you might have one of the best young head coaches in college football with just a three game resume.

TCU will have a week off to collect themselves before hosting SMU on September 28. Texas Tech will look to improve to 4-0 when they host Texas State Saturday September 21.

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