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No, internet, Sports Illustrated didn't fire Thayer Evans

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The Twitter rumor cycle gets another one wrong.


Sports Illustrated writer Thayer Evans has not been fired from the magazine after increasingly critical reaction to their five-part report on Oklahoma State's football program, despite social media rumors to the contrary.

Sports Illustrated confirmed Solid Verbal's report that the embattled writer was not, in fact, removed from the company.

The rumors started when tweeted this out:

LostLettermen later tweeted that the reason for their suspicion was the lack of Evans's name on the Sports Illustrated writers page (which somehow equals "rumors swirling"), even though he was never previously listed there.

The irony was not lost on Dan Patrick Show producer Paul Pabst, who confirmed on Twitter that Evans was still in the building and working.

The negative response from former Cowboys began nearly immediately after the report was released. Dozens of players are not only denying the claims, but accusing Evans of writing lies, taking quotes out of context, and misquoting them in his story.

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