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Texas A&M's Midnight Yell Practice, Alabama Eve: That was really something

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We watched and chatted about what could've been the biggest college football pep rally ever. There are cool photos in the chat gadget below. We hope to find video, too, hopefully without the two guys on the mic who kept talking over the crowd.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

We have Rodger Sherman and actual Aggie Dr. Norris Camacho of Good Bull Hunting fame in the house:

What is Midnight Yell Practice?

It's a Texas A&M tradition explained almost entirely by its name. Aggies supporters gather at Kyle Field on the midnight before a home game to work on their hollerin'. That's it.

As this week's home game is a really big one, that means this week's practice is also big. Known musicians Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell played earlier in the night, with even more known musicians Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen following.

There are also Drake rumors that have yet to be officially denied. The rapper Drake.

Either way, it's expected to be the biggest Yell ever, with talk of 50,000 in attendance.

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