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Classic SEC defense on full display in Alabama-Texas A&M

Alabama and Texas A&M are disregarding the defense and going full bore on offense today.

Scott Halleran

The SEC has made its bones in recent years as being the conference of stifling, overwhelming defense. Those defenses have the day off in College Station today, however, as Alabama and Texas A&M have combined to light up the scoreboard and churn out yards.

Alabama leads 28-14 at the half, but both teams are still actively moving the ball.

The two teams have combined for over 650 yards of total offense in the first half. A.J. McCarron has thrown for 251 yards and three touchdowns while Johnny Manziel has amassed 249 yards and one touchdown. Alabama is averaging 11.3 yards per play and the Tide have reeled off 28 straight points to end the half ... but Texas A&M still looks like they're capable of closing the gap.

In atypical fashion, however, the vast majority of Alabama's yards have come in the air. They started getting it going on the ground near the end of the first half, however, with a crushing, seven-plus minute drive resulting in a T.J. Yeldon touchdown. Somehow, the Crimson Tide didn't run on consecutive plays until halfway through the second quarter.

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