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95-yard Johnny Manziel toss to Mike Evans has A&M down just seven

This one looked over, but the Game of the Century of the Year is a game again after a fumble and a huge Johnny Manziel throw.

Up 42-28 and knocking on the Texas A&M goal line, Alabama really has this one in the books. They can just run and this one's ove--oh no, T.J. Yeldon fumbled because he's T.J. Yeldon and he fumbles.

Okay, but A&M still has to score 14 points, there's just eight minutes left, they'll have to score quickly -- oh, I see, Johnny Manziel:


Evans now has 247 yards receiving. Dear goodness. And more importantly, it's just 42-35 Bama.

Johnny Football is happy. Very happy.