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Mike Pereira on Wisconsin-Arizona State end: 'Should've had another play'

The officiating expert weighs in on the controversial finish.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Former college and NFL officiating executive Mike Pereira has weighed in on Saturday's night frankly insane ending to Arizona State's win over Wisconsin, saying Wisconsin should have been given one last play (to presumably kick what would have been a game-winning field goal).

Down two points in field goal range with less than twenty seconds, Wisconsin kneeled the ball to get in better position. An Arizona State defender jumped on it, mistakenly thinking the ball was loose. The clock was not stopped, and the Badgers watched as time ran out and the game was lost.

Make sure to read Spencer Hall's explanation of what happened, and the Arizona State reaction from House of Sparky.

In addition to positions with the NFL and Pac-10, Pereira is widely known as a television analyst for FOX Sports.

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