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Big Ten tells Wisconsin officials mishandled controversial final sequence

Should the Badgers have had one more play on Saturday night? The Big Ten believes so.

Christian Petersen

After the controversial ending to the game between Wisconsin and Arizona State on Saturday, the Badgers sought answers. The team asked Big Ten supervisor of officials Bill Carollo about the call, and Carollo said that the Pac-12 officials calling the game botched the sequence in question, which you can see below.

Down 32-30, the Badgers were in chip-shot field goal range with 18 seconds remaining. They opted to center the ball, and quarterback Joel Stave took the snap, moved to his left a few steps and took a knee. Then things got strange, as the confused-looking officiating crew took so much time re-spotting the ball that the clock eventually ran out.

SB Nation's Spencer Hall examined the sequence in depth after it happened. Part of the problem: there might have been some question about whether or not Stave's knee was down, though as Hall notes, the referee is obviously signaling that Stave is down.

Fox rules analyst and former NFL Vice President of Officiating Mike Pereira also weighed in, saying that Wisconsin definitely should have gotten another play. (ASU's Todd Graham feels differently, of course.) Instead, Arizona State got to celebrate one of the stranger endings we'll see all season.

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