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Ole Miss vs. Texas results: Panic for Horns fans after another blowout loss

Mack Brown's seat gets continually hotter after a second-straight blowout loss.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Things looked good for Texas through two quarters Saturday, as the Longhorns held a 23-17 lead over the visiting Ole Miss Rebels. After giving up two first-quarter touchdowns, the Texas defense seemed to settle down under new defensive coordinator Greg Robinson, giving up just a field goal in a dominating second quarter.

Then, everything went wrong. The Rebels scored four touchdowns in the second half while shutting out the Longhorns, as Texas fell 44-23 at home. After a 40-21 loss at BYU last week, that's two straight big losses for Mack Brown's squad, and Barking Carnival says it's time for a change.

The degree to which Mack Brown continues to resist inevitability will determine ten years from now whether we can look back upon him fondly as a healer and program rebuilder or if he'll be a permanent object of scorn and derision who chose to wear the martyr's mantle of "serving the kids" while selfishly seeking a delusional BCS-Bowl-Ride-Into-The-Sunset faerie tale ending to his own personal narrative. He can't fix this. He broke it.

Red Cup Rebellion and the Ole Miss faithful were in shock, and Hugh Freeze's Rebel turnaround seems to be in full effect.

Let's not focus on what this means for the future and just enjoy the fact that the Rebels beat TEXAS. TEXAS. I know they're not the Texas of old, but who cares?

Bo Wallace didn't turn the ball over. Jeff Scott had rocket boots on tonight. The defense came up huge in the second half. Jeff Scott's punt return was nasty.

Brandon Larrabee of Team Speed Kills said that this could spell good things for Mississippi's matchup against Alabama in two weeks.

The value of the win for Ole Miss is anyone's guess. There is the cachet that comes from going to Austin and beating Texas, no matter how good or bad the Longhorns are in a given year. A better measuring stick might be in two weeks, when the Rebels travel to Alabama for a game that suddenly looks like it could have SEC West implications. An upset there looks unlikely, but so did one against Texas just two short weeks ago.

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