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Johnny Manziel to Kevin Sumlin on insane throw: 'Would've been a punt'

Manziel shrugged off a bad decision in expert fashion, calling his crazy throw against Alabama "as good as a punt."

Scott Halleran

Johnny Manziel made a play equal parts insane and ill-advised against Alabama on Saturday, and afterward Kevin Sumlin told him not to do that again. Manziel responded as only he can.

It did look like a punt, that's for sure. Manziel eluded pressure and heaved a prayer into the middle of the field. It was a lame duck and yet somehow it found its way into the arms of A&M receiver Edward Pope.


Most importantly, though, we can now manufacture a new Manziel-related controversy. Does Manziel think so little of punter Drew Kaser that he'd equate a 12-yard completion to a typical punt? Footballs often fly at least that far when kicked, and in most cases those kicks come without an utter disregard for life and limb. This throw had nothing in common with the good and kind and fair Drew Kaser's punts, save the hang time.

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