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Alabama's official site is selling a '2013 Blackout Game' jersey, but remain skeptical

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You can buy these, but will players actually wear them in a game?

Alabama does not wear alternate uniforms. It does not wear yellow helmets. It does not go matte. Only very rarely does it even tweak its uniforms, with this being the most drastic thing Nike has ever done to the Tide (it's pretty much the same uniform).

So what's this about?

Promote your Alabama gear to a level that'll proudly flaunt your team's skills and your own team dedication with this special Blackout Nike Limited jersey. Designed in the same styling as the gear your favorite players will wear on the field in the 2013 Blackout Game, it features strategic mesh ventilation, embroidered graphics and a tackle twill player number.

The page also refers to a "Game #4," which would appear to indicate the Ole Miss game in Tuscaloosa on Sep. 28, Alabama's fourth game of the season. [Edit: As noted here, that could just be robot grammar in reference to T.J. Yeldon's jersey number. I mean, not T.J. Yeldon. The No. 4 used on the jersey, which does not at all correlate to any current student-athlete, certainly not the star running back. Either way, still not convinced these jerseys will see the field.]

But Alabama players likely wouldn't be able to wear this jersey on the field. The numbers aren't distinguished from the rest of the jersey, meaning it would be impossible for opposing coaches to tell players apart from afar. NCAA rules require contrast. So unless that gray is actually really reflective, or the official models have white numbers, I'd bet against seeing them in action.

My best guess is this is meant for a fan blackout (and a fan blackout alone would still be pretty out-there for Alabama), but players will wear the same uniforms as always. Or, considering the non-clear "same styling" wording, players could wear different alternate uniforms than these? Either way, it probably isn't meant to be public-facing just yet. We'll see, won't we?

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