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UGA fan cries on radio because football is important

SEC fans: already in midseason form

Losing to Clemson hurts, so let's fire Mark Richt (who has averaged nine wins a year, better than the legendary Vince Dooley.) Their whole season is gone (five of the last seven BCS champions had at least one loss, and Clemson doesn't even count as a conference loss being an ACC team.) They're never gonna take the next step under Richt (despite narrowly missing a trip to the national title game last year in a last second loss to Alabama in the SEC title game.) So you gotta fire him, and replace him with (FILE NOT FOUND).

In summary: the college football season is five days old and people are already blaming "peach fungus" poisoning for football losses, weeping on the radio, and talking about looking into players' eyes and "horts" after a loss. We're at cruising altitude already, so feel free to use all approved electronic devices and move about the cabin.