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FIU asked for a running clock to hasten Louisville beatdown

Maybe we should be thanking Ron Turner for getting everyone home faster.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


The clock was running, whether Ron Turner officially requested it or not. Not sure who else could've requested it.

Down 51-0 late in the third quarter, FIU head coach Ron Turner asked the officials for a running clock, and he got it.

The last time there was a running clock in a major college football game, it was when Florida State beat Savannah State 55-0 in 2012. The last time there was a running clock in a game between FBS teams was Oklahoma's 77-0 humiliation of Texas A&M in 2003, with 1988 Kansas' 56-7 loss against Auburn the last we know of before that.

Louisville mashed FIU to bits in the first half, building a 38-0 lead and holding the Panthers to only 33 yards of total offense and one first down. The beatdown would continue in the second half, as Louisville kept pouring on touchdown after touchdown to build their lead to 58-0 at the beginning of the fourth quarter. With less than 10 minutes left to play, FIU had gotten a second first down, but their total offense went down to only 28 yards, including one (ONE!) rushing yard.

Teddy Bridgewater went 17-22 for 212 yards and four touchdowns before being pulled in the second half. Dominique Brown, Sinorice Perry, and Michael Dyer each rushed for a touchdown, and DeVante Parker, Eli Rogers, and Gerald Christian each had touchdown receptions.

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