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Jen Vrabel takes veiled shot at Jen Bielema for 'karma' tweet

The Ohio State assistant coach's wife didn't have to wait long to fire back after last week's Twitter shenanigans.

Last week, the controversial Wisconsin loss at Arizona State took a bizarre turn on social media when former Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema's wife Jen hopped on Twitter and blamed the Badgers' loss on karma. Well, to be specific, on "#karma." The hashtag is important; on Twitter, it generally signifies something so important and self-evident the author can't be bothered to actually use the word in a sentence.

As you can imagine, the fallout from Wisconsin fans was about as swift and righteous as you'd expect when someone twists the knife after a loss for no reason, and with Rutgers' win at Arkansas today, Mrs. Bielema's mentions are not pretty.

But for all the understandable backlash, one thing  you might not expect is a fellow coach's wife joining the fray. And yet that's what Jen Vrabel, wife of Ohio State assistant Mike Vrabel, just did. And how.

Man, Jen-on-Jen violence is just the most tragic, isn't it? At any rate, high-quality zinger there. It was passive-aggressive and referential and concise and utterly ruthless. Nice.

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