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Mike Leach, Paul Petrino exchange unfriendly words during postgame handshake

Mike Leach and WSU beat Paul Petrino and Idaho 42-0 and apparently Petrino wasn't very happy about it.

William Mancebo


It wasn't exactly to the level of Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz, but the postgame handshake between Mike Leach and Paul Petrino on Saturday wasn't very friendly.

Petrino appeared to have some words for Leach as they greeted for a brief handshake. Leach took offense to whatever Petrino said and responded back with a few choice words of his own.


via @bubbaprog

Evidently, Petrino was not very happy with WSU's tactics at the end of the game. In an attempt to preserve their first shutout since 2003, the Cougars put many of their defensive starters back in the game on Idaho's final drive. The drive ended with WSU stopping the Vandals on a goalline stand.

The exchange didn't lead to anything else, but could make things awkward if the two coaches run into each other at the grocery store with Idaho and WSU being just eight miles apart.

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