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Nick Saban loses his mind over false start

Nick Saban doesn't like it when things go wrong, even extremely tiny things.

Alabama hasn't looked spectacular against Ole Miss -- they were up just 6-0 and driving with about 30 seconds left. And because Nick Saban is a perfectionist, he wanted seven points.

But one of his offensive linemen picked up a false start, forcing Saban to either take a ten-second run-off on the clock or use a timeout. He chose the timeout, and he was EXTREMELY displeased about it.


This is life as Nick Saban: win back-to-back national championships and three in four years, LOSE YOUR DAMN MIND over ten seconds before halftime of a game you're winning.

Via @cjzero

Bama knocked in a field goal on the drive to make it 9-0 heading into the half.