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Stanford's Barry Sanders has moves, to nobody's surprise

The young Cardinal back is an outstanding athlete with a promising career ahead of him. He also might remind you of somebody.


Let's not get carried away here. The Barry Sanders that played at Oklahoma State and for the Detroit Lions might be the greatest college and pro football player ever. Or the most amazing. Or most memorable.

His son, a former four-star recruit at Stanford, has yet to start a college football game, much less win a Heisman or break NFL records. All we're saying is that you should take a look at something:

1. Barry J. Sanders' second career touch, an ankle-breaking, 16-yard catch-and-run Saturday night vs. Washington State.


2. That run by his dad.

One's an all-time classic, and one's a pretty good run. But this might not be the last time the younger Sanders' talents hint at greatness.

H/T @bubbaprog

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