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Vanderbilt's James Franklin not talking about USC rumors

The Commodores head coach faced questions about the Trojan vacancy during his weekly press conference.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin has been one of the main names bandied about for the USC head coaching vacancy, and declined to talk about the rumors during his weekly press conference Monday, via

Franklin avoided multiple questions about USC, focusing his answers instead on the Commodores' recent blowout win over UAB and their upcoming SEC matchup against Missouri this Saturday.

"My response is that I'm excited about talking about UAB, our last game, and I'm really excited about talking about Missouri this week," Franklin said. "For once, I'd like to sit in this press conference and talk about either the game before or the game we're playing this week. Anything outside of that is outside of our control. This is something we've been going through for three years here. That's wonderful. But we're focused on Missouri this week and any questions you guys have about UAB, I'm more than happy about it."

Franklin was asked about USC at least two other times, but managed to avoid giving a straight answer, instead repeatedly talking about UAB and Missouri.

Franklin has an 18-13 record at Vanderbilt since taking over the program in 2011, and has led the team to two straight bowl appearances -- the first-ever such occurrence for the school.

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