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Explaining Michigan's chicken-themed win over Notre Dame

Michigan trolled Notre Dame with the chicken dance song after knocking off the Fighting Irish.

Michigan knocked off Notre Dame 41-30 on Saturday, and what song did the Wolverines' PA play following their fight song? Well, the chicken dance song, of course.

Chickens have been a theme of the Michigan-Notre Dame series dating back to the summer. With Notre Dame becoming a partial member of the ACC, the Fighting Irish announced their series with the Wolverines would end following the 2014 season. Michigan head coach Brady Hoke said Notre Dame was "chickening out", and thus a theme was born.

Michigan trolling Notre Dame by playing the chicken dance song as the Fighting Irish walked off the field in defeat may have capped the night, but Lee Corso and the College GameDay crew got things started with a bang. When making his pick for the game, Corso brought out a live chicken. This is in addition to a slew of Michigan fan signs referencing the rivalry's signature fowl, including one reading, "Cluck of the Irish."


If this was the last time Notre Dame will visit The Big House, at least the game didn't disappoint. And for the record, the Wolverines aren't buying the series isn't a rivalry. No matter what Brian Kelly says.

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