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Lane Kiffin announces quarterback via depressing Internet video

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Nothing says "everything is going well" like refusing to talk to a single human being who isn't employed by the same organization you are about a decision you made.

Stephen Dunn

The ship seems to be sinking for Lane Kiffin, with fans booing him and even traffic lanes asking for his ousting. (There's a reason he's been upgraded to "spicy!" in our hot seat rankings.)

Everything is okay in Los Angeles, however, and Kiffin confirmed the general positive direction by choosing to announce his starter after a QB competition. Not in front of reporters, but rather in front of a lonely mic stand with some USC staffer asking him questions.

Props to USC's version of Baghdad Bob for going with "did the booing throughout the game, even when you were ahead, affect the players?"

Remember, this is the same dude who once just said "I gotta go" and peaced out in the middle of a presser when somebody asked a question he didn't like.

There are certainly questions about what Cody Kessler did to stand out to get the No. 1 spot after a 10-7 loss to Washington State, where he went 8-for-13 with just 41 yards, a pick and no touchdowns. Helping him out, however, was Max Wittek completing a brutal 3-for-8 with 13 yards and a pick.

Update: It appears this might be common:

... But the way it was phrased made it seem crazy:

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