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'His bald head ass': Louisville players upset about Charlie Strong's exit

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Cardinal players are upset with the manner in which Strong left for Texas.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Former Louisville head coach Charlie Strong has left the program for Texas after four years with the Cardinals, and the news has understandably left some of his former players upset.

Cornerback Andrew Johnson tweeted multiple times about the coach, saying "he ain't real," "he so fake" and tweeting this after one of the first pictures of Strong in Texas was released.


Johnson took a slightly different approach when tweeting at Strong's Louisville account.

A common theme of frustration for the Louisville players was Strong's lack of communication with the Cardinals -- players alleged he promised them he was staying, and did not tell them of the news first. Instead, many found out through other means.

Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich reportedly spoke to the players and attempted to fire them up, pleading patience for the program.

Strong was introduced Monday as the new head coach of the University of Texas.

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