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The Florida and Alabama newspaper headlines inspired by Florida State's championship

We check around the local newspapers in Florida and Alabama for puns, alliteration and more.

Kevin C. Cox

Florida State defeated Auburn in a wild finish in the BCS National Championship Game, ending the BCS era with a dramatic victory. Let's take a look at the most clever headlines from the local newspapers.

Unsurprisingly, a higher percentage of Alabama papers had front pages that dealt primarily with the game. Because Florida is a much larger state, entire areas have no vested interest in the Seminoles (with allegiances instead to Florida or Miami or perhaps no college team at all), and plenty of newspapers in the area did not even have a cover story on the game. In Newseum's great newspaper database, where we found all of these covers, every single Alabama paper had a large cover about the game.

The Florida Times-Union needed just one word to describe the Seminoles' season.


The Naples Daily News had one of the more clever puns among the papers, playing off quarterback Jameis Winston's name without even mentioning it.


The Pensacola News Journal went the alliteration route -- always a safe bet as a headline writer.


The St. Lucie News Tribune went with a headline that can only be read, not spoken.


The Gadsden Times, the first of our Alabama headlines, found that simpler was better.


We're not sure if this, from the Montgomery Adviser, is a common headline in Alabama -- but it sure is a clever one.


The Dothan Eagle cited Auburn's moniker as the "team of destiny," saying the Tigers' luck had run out.


The TimesDaily took a more positive approach to the loss, noting Auburn's incredible season.


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