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Egg Bowl tickets are about as expensive as Iron Bowl tickets now

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Tickets range from just under $300 to over $11,000.

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The two best teams in college football may be in the state of Mississippi, and they have a pretty big game at the end of each year in Oxford. This looks to be the most important Egg Bowl ever, with a pretty strong possibility of it functioning as a play-in game for the playoff, and the ticket prices over at Stubhub are starting to reflect that.

The cheapest tickets available Oct. 12, more than a month-and-a-half before the actual game on Nov. 29, are a whopping $276.69. There are eight listings at over $5,000 per ticket on the higher end.

The Egg Bowl isn't the only big SEC rivalry game taking place Nov. 29 -- Alabama and Auburn face off in the Iron Bowl that Saturday as well. The ticket prices between the two games are comparable, perhaps an even bigger surprise than the 0-2 record Alabama's SEC teams hold against Mississippi's this season. The cheapest tickers for the Iron Bowl currently run you $280.20, the only listing below $300. There are three listings over $5,000 for the game.