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Notre Dame coach unhappy with crucial call in Florida State game

Brian Kelly pulled no punches when talking to the media Sunday.

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly has lashed out at ACC officials following his team's dramatic loss to Florida State Saturday night, questioning a late offensive pass interference call that negated what would have almost certainly been the game-winning touchdown for the Irish.

Everett Golson's pass to the right side was completed for a touchdown, but the play was called back after it appeared an Irish receiver screened a defender out of the way without making an effort to run a route. Kelly saw the play differently:

Kelly cited precedent, both from his own team and from others, as his reasoning for why the play should not have been flagged.

Kelly blamed the result of the play on Florida State's defense, and did not seem confident in a positive resolution when further discussions take place with the conference.

[Update: the ACC has explained the rule it sought to follow.]

Kelly also said there was another play missed by the officials on Notre Dame's last drive.

Kelly stopped short of blaming the loss on the officials, suggesting it was the team's responsibility not to be in that situation in the first place.