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Katy Perry is apparently Ole Miss' 'College GameDay' guest picker

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Why not!

Kevin Mazur

ESPN's "College GameDay" is in Oxford for the first time ever, for Saturday's meeting between No. 3 Alabama and No. 11 Ole Miss. Which local celebrity should the show bring on as its traditional show-closing game-picking guest? Morgan Freeman? ESPN's own Wright Thompson? Mississippi State fan Big K.R.I.T.?

You see, the California-native singer is playing in nearby Memphis later that weekend, so ...

Now, that's a surprise pick. No, she has no obvious connections to Ole Miss other than her manager being an alum and this GIF that Rebels fans like putting on Pinterest. Bo Wallace's name does not appear on her Wikipedia page. Hit single "Roar" is not about the noise made by whichever animal Ole Miss uses as its mascot these days. Her only previous tweet to use the state's name was as follows:

These things don't matter. Perry's Ole Miss bona fides are established by the following two things:

See? Perfect choice.