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UCF beat Houston thanks to this *game-winning touchback*

One of football's most precious and totally nonsensical events.

UCF went to Houston and picked up a 17-12 conference win thanks to scoring a long touchdown (a 52-yarder from Justin Holman to Breshad Perriman), forcing a bunch of long UH field goal attempts (all of which Kyle Bullard drilled from squinting distance), and ... oh no.



That's the Cougars' backup quarterback, Greg Ward Jr., lunging for what was so nearly the go-ahead touchdown with 24 seconds left. Ward had played an admirable game (10 of 17 for 116 yards), filling in for the interception-happy John O'Korn, and almost led a full comeback from a 17-6 deficit. Instead, UCF's Brandon Alexander bashed it out just shy, the ball went out of bounds in the end zone, so therefore it's UCF's ball, and that's that.

This game was not a treasure, and it honestly could not have ended any way other than via this rule, which only makes sense because it's been part of football for a long time.