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Archie Manning leaving College Football Playoff selection committee for 2014

The former quarterback recently had knee replacement surgery and will not be able to take part this season. The committee will not bring in a replacement.

Former Ole Miss and NFL quarterback Archie Manning will not take place in the inaugural College Football Playoff selection committee due to health issues, the playoff announced in a Monday release.

Chris Mortensen is reporting the complications are not life-threatening but will require further surgery "early next month." Manning was a three-year starter at Ole Miss, and had two fairly successful sons play quarterback at Tennessee and Ole Miss. The Rebels are currently very much in the mix for one of the four playoff spots.

This leaves the committee down to 12 members, and the committee's release says they will not be bringing in a replacement for this season. Executive Director Bill Hancock said they expect him to return to the committee in 2015.

Manning had been one of the committee's two "point people" for the ACC and Mountain West, in charge of supplying others with information about those conferences. The committee hasn't announced how it will divide those responsibilities.

"We will miss Archie," Hancock said in the release. "He has such a great knowledge of college football and history with the game, but we all understand his reason for taking a leave. I wish him all the best and look forward to his return in 2015."

Manning was the only representative whose primary claim to fame was being a former player -- the other committee members are best known as former coaches, current athletic directors and other assorted figures.