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NCAA explains why Notre Dame offensive pass interference was correct call

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We can stop arguing about this now, right?

Controversy continues to brew over Notre Dame's canceled game-winning touchdown against Florida State, and it doesn't seem like it'll let up any time soon. The Irish appeared to score the winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter against the Seminoles, but it was quickly called back after apparent offensive pass interference.

Some Notre Dame fans believe the call was a correct one, even if their head coach very much does not.

So first, the ACC explained the call in detail, and now NCAA national coordinator of officials Rogers Redding has explained the reasoning behind the call in a video that covered eight penalties throughout the previous few weeks:

Here's the offensive pass interference foul that generated quite a bit of comment at the end of this game. You can see that the widest receiver and the split end both block down on defenders, allowing No. 88 to cut off those blocks and catch the pass for the apparent touchdown. So this is correctly called as offensive pass interference and the penalty was correctly enforced to erase the touchdown.

Don't give up, truthers. The conspiracy runs deep.

h/t Bryan Fischer