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Arkansas State attempts worst fake punt ever ... AGAIN

Have you learned nothing, Red Wolves?

Arkansas State already had the Worst Fake Punt of the Year Award locked up, but the Red Wolves decided to pad their lead Tuesday night against Louisiana-Lafayette. For future reference, attempting a fake punt from your own 7-yard line is not a good idea.

Via @RedditCFB:

Arkansas State doesn't even get back to the line of scrimmage, and Louisiana-Lafayette takes over inside the 5. Two plays later, the Ragin' Cajuns score a touchdown. Bad, Arkansas State. Bad.

Now we have to decide which awful Arkansas State fake punt was worse? Was it the Dead Guy Fake Punt from the Red Wolves' loss to Miami? It's tough to argue against a play that features a guy faking his own death.

Dead Guy fake punt

Or was it the fake punt from Tuesday's game? Sure, there wasn't any dead-guy razzmatazz, but faking a punt from the 7 is some kind of terrible. Either way, Arkansas State is taking bad trickeration to a higher level.